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Couples Counselling

Couples counselling

Relationship counselling can help people when stress, daily life or issues leading to unhappiness cause conflicts that seem difficult or impossible to resolve.  Counselling can offer couples the chance to work through challenging situations, communicate and move beyond the problems to become better partners.

I offer couples the opportunity to understand and explore the relationship issues they are facing.

Seeking counselling support is unique to each couple however here are some common reasons why people come to me:

  • Difficulty expressing your feelings to each another.

  • One or more unsolvable disagreements.

  • There is withdrawal, criticism or contempt in your interactions.

  • A stressful event that has shaken your daily life.

  • Struggling to make decisions together.

  • You have experienced infidelity, addiction or abuse.

  • You are seeking a stronger relationship.


Working impartially, I create a safe, non-judgemental space where each of you can freely express your feelings and emotions.


Premarital Counselling

When planning to spend the rest of your life with someone you will want to have the skills to keep the marriage healthy even during difficult times. Premarital Counselling is a good way to establish realistic expectations, build the skill set and develop healthy communication.  I focus on helping you develop a strong and healthy relationship before marriage.

Some issues that might be addressed are:

  • Communication.

  • Family relationships.

  • Finances.

  • Parenting choices such as whether or not to have children and parenting styles.

  • Roles and responsibilities.

  • Values and beliefs.

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